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    Many current Florida residents formerly resided in other states. The reasons why these people moved to Florida are varied.  Some people cite the weather and others espouse the aesthetics of their particular area or the Florida lifestyle. But, whether people come to Florida to retire on the golf course or to stroll in the sun, they find an Estate Planning environment which has been carefully fashioned to fulfill the needs of most of Florida’s population.


    Florida’s rapidly expanding economy offers to its younger residents the opportunity to build and augment their Estates.

    For older residents, there are liberal laws governing Trusts, Estates and Probate administration.


    Such laws assist with the transfer of assets from one generation to the next, with a minimum of expense, delay and shrinkage from Court costs, taxes and attorney’s fees.

    Florida has made a special effort to encourage people to relocate here in the latter stages of life by enacting a series of favorable Estate, Trust and Tax laws which allow its residents to pass on as much of their property as possible to heirs and/or family members with a minimum amount of cost and delay.

    The key elements of Estate Planning in Florida are broken down for your convenience into the following easy to understand areas. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and past experience practicing for over 20 years in all of the areas below.

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