A Will Shows Your Concern For Loved Ones (Part 2)

There is no more personal an act or expression of genuine concern than a person providing in their will for the guaranteed financial security and well-being of a loved one.

All of the effort spent in a life in gaining a good education, obtaining your first job, seeing savings grow and paying taxes, seems miniscule and irrelevant when compared to actually passing on all that it has taken a lifetime to accumulate.

That opportunity is typically perceived by an individual as the essence of making a will. 

The formalities of execution which the law requires as an attendant to the act of making a will heighten the solemnity and importance of the occasion.

There is a silence as the individual grasps the pen to sign their name to the will after having heard the lawyer’s instructions which precede the execution of the document.  There is reflection, concern and contemplation at work at that moment.

Lawyers call it the moment of truth – that instant where the mortal meets the immortal – the recognition and admission by an individual that he will not live forever and with it, he has chosen to provide for the people most dear to him in his own way, not to be confused with the thousands of similar ways in which the transmission of wealth is provided for in wills signed the same day in lawyers’ offices, bank trust departments and other places around the country by persons who have given the matter the same degree of premediation.

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